two for one

мисс хогарт
печаль в глазах сравнима лишь с байкалом
английский язык и разборки на уровне миропорядка

thanks for nothing. you’re one with goddess, you’re one with fault - every story you’ve brought will go into this untold. only welcome you’ve got, the earning of points and breaks is supposed to diffuse in order to bring mistakes. raising heavens to fix yourself is the childest move, if they listen at all, they totally disapprove. here endeth the quest you’ve picked out of pure spite -
don’t be scared to admit that you’re gonna be alright.

heavens forbid to tell me that i was right. yes, i’ve been fighting out of pure spite. was i supposed to fall on my knees and weep, not to disturb your hours of beauty sleep? screw it. screw you. screw everything you have brought. i’m not a part of someone’s misguided plot, i will be better, i will be best of all. take only time to laugh and excuse to fall, then take a look at me at the closest range.

i am the hero.
want to accept my rage?

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2017-11-25 в 22:24 

все еще великолепие бесконечное

2017-11-25 в 22:40 

мисс хогарт
печаль в глазах сравнима лишь с байкалом

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