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16.11.2016 в 03:37
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флешмоб 2016: тур 4 | стихи
Автор: мисс хогарт
Тур: тур 4, «Городские легенды»
Название: conversations with dead people
Тема: проклятые шоссе
Вид работы: стихи на английском языке
Тип работы: нечто отдаленно похожее на фичок по баффи - истребительнице вампиров
Размер: драббл, 158 слов
Примечание: теоретически прослеживается сюжет (ксандер харрис, nice guy at his worst(тм), и успешно мертвая джойс саммерс говорят о баффи, жизни и снова баффи), ау, где баффи дали спокойно умереть в финале пятого сезона, оос; лестер-роуд, она же never-ending-road

there must be a reason i see it well, i just can't let myself to stay here, to dwell into this bright and terribly sunny hell-

spot a beginning, darling, and start all over.

yeah. we were kids, you know? all that tragic stuff, finding a balance though you are not enough, one day you're tough and other you're trying laugh like you would try a coat of some fancy rover. then there is girl (or girls, if you're lucky one), ours is kinda damaged and kinda gone. they say that friendship forms in the need of fun, and fun she was, but later...
i can't, i'm sorry.

no, it's okay. emotional overload? if you've got problem talking, you can just nod.

that's not-
i feel like it's frigging lester road: no end, no hope and vision is always blurry.

graveyard won't give you tips for sincere goad.

hero will fall.

and no one will need to worry.

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